Corporate Social Responsibility

Dynamo Camp

Dynamo Camp is a magic place! A recreational therapy camp, the first in Italy specially structured to host sick children, in therapy or in the post-hospitalization period, free of charge for holiday and relaxation periods.

SPORT & PLAY – Horse riding, archery, climbing, recreational activity in the water, pet therapy, games in the chalet… There are so many sports and play activities at the camp and they have been adapted to be accessible to all the participants. These numerous activities are within an unspoilt nature reserve Oasis affiliated to the WWF among the Pistoia Apennine Mountains.

THEATRE & CIRCUS SCHOOL – Stage, costumes, curtain…at the camp everything is structured to allow the children to overcome cultural and physical barriers and to discover their own abilities as singers, dancers, stage designers, mimes, jugglers, actors and directors depending on the area they want to venture into.

RECREATIONAL WORKSHOPS – Areas dedicated to artistic workshops have been fitted out in the camp where the participants carry out activities in the company of established contemporary artists – Dynamo Art Factory – a studio for making music and radio programmes – Radio Dynamo – and photographic and video workshops – Dynamo Studios. Imagination has no limits at Dynamo Camp, and it has so many tools available.

Recovering and Redistributing Food with Equoevento

During the upcoming IAPCO Annual Meeting and General Assembly, Equoevento will pick up all the excess food from the coffee breaks and luncheons and distribute to the local charities.

The idea of EquoEvento was born by chance, at a wedding, when the four founders saw waiters throw away an astonishing amount of excellent uneaten food. They decided to make a difference and find a way to correct what they deemed a shameful waste of food. It was not easy given the false belief that Italian law obliges venues and caterers not to reuse excess food, but EquoEvento founders started to pitch hotels and venues dispelling the myth. Their idea was simple, collect the excess food immediately following banquets and events with the help of staff and redistribute to local pantries and community kitchens to help feed those less fortunate.The Rome Cavalieri was the first hotel to embrace EquoEvento’s philosophy and, over the past five years, the association has recovered and redistributed the equivalent of over 18,000 meals to local charities in and around Rome. As part of the ongoing partnership with EquoEvento, in 2019 we helped raise money during a gala dinner to purchase a new delivery van that has allowed them to double their pickups in Rome.

Sustainability at Rome Cavalieri

    Rome Cavalieri is committed to sustainability. Over the last 7 years the hotel has concentrated efforts on three core pillars: Youth, Community and Earth. The Rome Cavalieri has committed to reaching carbon neutrality, as well as becoming plastic free. The first important step in the journey is the Green Key certification in 2019 – the first in Rome – with successful recertifications in 2020 and 2021.
    Reduced by 780 tons the carbon footprint
    Planted 74,000 trees
    Reduced consumption of fossil fuels by 330 tons
    Saved the equivalent of 2 olympic sized pools of water
    Served 6,624 hot meals from excess banqueting and events food with Equoevento
    Recyclied 800 kg of soap bars and 910 kg of plastic from bathroom amenities with “Clean the World”
    Rome Cavalieri continues to take the necessary steps to meet its commitment to sustainability including substituting plastic with compostable alternatives, looking for alternatives to single use items, finding ways to save water and energy and championing community outreach programs that reduce food waste and restore local parks.

Reusable Water Bottles

All IAPCO participants will receive their own reusable bottle to fill with water from refill stations to be placed all over the venue. Bottles will be made of tritan, a BPA (bisphenol A)-free type of plastic, which makes it impact-resistant, durable, light and sustainable for the environment!