Event Programme


There’s no future without…

09:00 Registration open until 18:00
13:00 Field Trips
15:00 IAPCO Partner Meeting
16:00 Ambassador Meeting
17:30 Bus Transfer
18:00 Press Conference Guided Tours in
La Nuvola
18:30 1st Timer Reception, La Nuvola
19:30 Welcome addresses local ‘authorities’

Welcome Reception, La Nuvola Congress Centre
(Dress Code: Business Casual”)

22:00 Bus Transfer

There’s no future without… HISTORY

08:00 Registration open until 18:00
09:00 Opening Ceremony
Welcome Address: IAPCO
09:20 IAPCO highlights
10:00 Welcome Keynote:
Lessons learned from ‘Big History’ or Will ‘Big History’ save the World?
Speaker: Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli – Superintendent of Cultural Heritage, Rome
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Opening Key Note 1:
The Art of Building a Rewarding and Successful Business
Speaker: Paolo Gallo, Geneva, Switzerland (TBC)
11:30 Interactive exercise to elaborate on Keynote 1
12:00 GA Part 1
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Interactive Session
15:00 Espresso Exchange
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Key Note 2:
(Topic tbd)
Speaker: Adolfo Fernández, Head of Commerce Strategy at Google, San Francisco Bay Area, USA (recorded with live Q&A)
17:00 Interactive exercise to elaborate on Keynote 2
17:30 Wrap up of the day
19:00 Walk/Transfer
19:30 Italian Glam Night
Formal Dinner, Villa Miani
(Dress Code: “Italian Style”)
23:00 Bus Transfer

There’s no future without… CHANGE

08:00 EDGE Meeting 08:00-08:50
08:30 Energiser
09:00 Key Note 3:
Driving Income in a Disruptive World or Always Play to Win (as a team)
Speaker: Juli Ferré Nadal, JFN Sport, Monaco
Q&A Key Note 3
09:45 Eyes on the Market: Panel discussion
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Interactive (fun) Partner Session (selected Destination Partners)****
12:00 A Study for a multi-hub conference hotel model by Hilton International
Speaker: David Kelly, Hilton VP Europe
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 KeyNote 4:
Masters of Innovation (TBD)
14:00 Youth & change: Neha Shukla
14:10 Interactive exercise to elaborate on Keynote 4
14:30 Espresso Change
15:30 ENIT data presentation + Wrap Up of the Day
16:30 Bus Transfer
17:00 Afternoon Excursion:
Treasure Hunt in the City Centre, Treasure Hunt Award Ceremony, Group Picture (Dress Code: Casual)
20:00 Aperitiv, Informal Dinner at typical Roman Trattoria Mea Patacca
(Dress Code: “Casual”)
23:00 Bus Transfer

There’s no future without… VISION (LOVE)

07:30 Fit for future
09:30 Inspirational Key note speaker (TBD)
10:00 Eyes on the Future:
Panel discussion by 4 Associations
10:30 IAPCO 2023 Presentation & Coffee Break
11:20 GA Part 2
12:20 Closing Key Note 5
Dare to Win interview + video Speaker: Bebe Vio, Gold Medal Paralympic, Italy
13:10 Closing Remarks
13:30 Closing Lunch